by Moonswift

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released July 1, 2009



all rights reserved


Moonswift Kent, UK

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Track Name: Charm Song
Summer flown upon the wing
Raven 'pon my shoulder, calls the Autumn in
Sleepin' - this Summer in the bayou

Night snares those that cannot see
Blinded to the faces of the Elvenry
Fire - this Autumn in the bayou
(Under a drowsy moon)

Charm Song
Charm Song
Weave the way for Aragorn
Come hither, my precious (in the the dawn) 1
(it is sworn) 2
Be wary for we precede the storm
Farewell Aragorn

Time is but another time within
Time is but another time unravelling

Journey on the wind I see them coming
Golden wings unfurling, dazzling to see
Middle Earth is falling, evil coming
Charm away the song, it's magic you see
Magic you see

Charm Song, on the wind for Aragorn
You and I are holding on
We trip across the light years, there but here
Otherworldly worlds we all are one
Moonride, far astride
Don't tell me you've forgotten where you're from
Come take the wing of White Owl, learn to Charm Song
Mirrored in the ageless eyes of time

Moonride, far astride
Come ride upon your Charm Song
Come breathe into your Charm Song
Come fly upon your Charm Song
Come rise upon your Charm Song
Aragorn, Aragorn

Summer flown upon the wing
Raven calls the Autumn in

Moonswift Ashle-West
Track Name: Silver Rose
Rising from the icy hoare
Silver mists upon the floor
Words come hard to win the war
Melting watch the shadows fall

I long to be held
Kissed by the (rising sun) 1
(morning sun) 2

Passions flame into Aurora
Rainbow tears become my laughter
Death to fears, they are no more
Take me through that other door

No, you're not alone

Part 2

Silver Rose did you find it in dreams repose
Ride the mare till you drop before the gates of despair
Egypt knows of the secrets still (blinding you) 1
(binding you) 2
Comatose will you sleep forever bound by your ghosts

Aaaah aaaah - Silver Rose
Aaaah aaaah - Silver Rose

Scattered dreams just snowflakes in your movie scene
You're not alone
Shattered dreams just snowflakes on your movie screen

No you're not alone

Lyrics By Moonswift Ashley-West
Track Name: Alien Eyes
I stand upon this earth
A home but not at home
I long for the stars of
My otherworldly birth

I draw into the lakes of Time
Been here so very long
The Earthsong calls me from my slumber
It's time to right the wrongs

I feed upon the very skies
Remembered journeys past
I seek to find the evidence for
My Alien eyes

It's raining now
In patterns of lightning
It's dawning now

The crystals awakening

It's raining now
Cascading now
The crystals are blazing

And where are you now?

Alien eyes
Alien eyes
Alien eyes
Alien eyes

And where are you now
In this dimension
The Earthsong is calling
To raise the vibration
Still searching the skies
For Alien eyes

Journey well
Our kin from the future
Bloodlines are singing
To those of the future
It's time to realise
Your Alien eyes

Journey well
Our kin from the future
Journey well
To those of the fiuture

Lyrics By
Moonswift Ashley-West
Track Name: Chem Trail Skies
Lyrics shown on the video